Is AI shaping the world?


From Facebook, Google, YouTube to Tesla, Samsung, and even those fancy Vaccum Cleaners, there is a whirlwind of talks bout the future being about Artificial Intelligence.

With uproar on Facebook in house Jarvis moments to Tesla working on Auto driving vehicles, no one can deny the existence and the importance of Artificial Intelligence today.

From the time you open your eyes in the morning to the time you set an alarm at night before going to sleep, many tasks are integrated with AI.

The real question remains, is AI shaping the world? Let’s find out!

What is AI?
AI, Artificial intelligence, is using human knowledge or intelligence to make a machine work so efficiently that it replaces the human mind. In simple words, artificial intelligence is giving the machine its mind to act upon itself by programming it.

Most people might not agree with the fact that AI is making the world a better place to live as it has some risks involved. But isn’t it the same with everything? I mean, come on! Even humans have good and bad qualities. We say “we should see the good in people instead of bad”. Why aren’t we doing the same with artificial intelligence and its machines? Yes, there might be some risks, but why see the negative side of it when there are more benefits? I believe no matter if it’s humans or AI, we should be optimistic that will help us to explore and evolve for new possibilities.

Why AI is important?
In today’s world, 80% of people use smartphones (according to statistics of 2021). Smartphone has some features that are a product of artificial intelligence, like a translator, Google assistant, Siri, Alexa.
AI will reduce the time of any task like if one particular task takes several days for a human being to complete, that can be completed by machine with few minutes or max some hours.

AI reduces errors in tasks. When someone makes a mistake, we often hear, “it’s human tendency to make mistakes”. No matter how perfect you are, unknowingly we tend to do mistakes. But that’s not the case with machines, they will perform the tasks precisely as it is programmed to perform.

AI reduces the cost. Yes, it might cost more in the initial stage when the machine is programmed and installed, but once implemented, it can perform tasks of several employees, which in turn is cost-effective in the long run.

Fields in which artificial intelligence is implemented
Artificial intelligence is in almost every field. AI is in some of the daily use products like smart toasters, smart doorbells, smartphones. But it is also majorly enforced in the below industries:

1. Medical field

AI is implemented to diagnose the root of the disease and also the possibility of getting the disease, which in turn leads to taking measures to prevent the disease.

2. In the gaming industry

Sometimes we get bored and play games on the computer. We all have done this, haven’t we? Have we ever thought, the computer we play games with are computer bots, which is an artificial intelligence product? Yes, they are the best example of AI.

3. Banking

Banks and financial institutions use AI to detect fraudulent transactions and also to evaluate if their customer is eligible for a loan or other products.

4. Security

Some security agencies or some countries use artificial intelligence to scan and analyze the recorded surveillance and also to give alerts as per the research.

Artificial intelligence is emerging as one of the most powerful tools in this developing world which is helping in modernization and making things less challenging for human beings. It is creating a lot of opportunities for the progress of the world.

However may be the case, you can’t deny AI, love or hate it, we need it!

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A mentoring platform, created to provide you with the trending, relevant and upcoming industry skills on a platter.

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